Leaders in Organ Offer Management


Outsourced Transplant Center Service Providers.

DonorNet® Call Support

Providing specialist level organ offer
screening solutions.

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Import & Transportation Coordination

Proven fast, reliable & cost conscience
transport solutions for organ
importing & surgical staff flyouts.

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Data Analytics & Reporting

Supplying next level data analytics of
your center's organ offers.

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Skillful & Detailed

We have the most talented coordinator staff
to step into action and provide unmatched
assistance to your center.

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Best Choice

Any other choice would be jeopardizing quality
and vast knowledge of all things organ transplant.

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Very Flexible

We will fit our services & skills into your
center's way of doing things with flexible
contracts & agility.

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We offer more possibilities to meet your every need.

Who We Are

Dedicated team of experienced Organ Offer Management® pros that can help any transplant center

As the pioneers of this service known as organ offer management we are proud of the fact we not only coined the term but realized there was a serious need for our expertise. After having witnessed many many transplant centers struggle with how to handle DonorNet® organ screening we felt we could simplify and improve the processes by offering outsourcing of donor screening and organ import coordination, which has proven to be very well received. Since creating this field of services in 2005 we constantly strived to provide not only stellar service, but newer more options and services to make the transplant field more efficient AND cost effective.

Transplant Coordinators of America is the largest, most respected and widely used company of its kind in the United States. Our sole commitment to you is to assist in anyway we can with the critical task of organ transplants. Our professional services are available nationwide; our on-the-ready call staff is more then prepared and pleased to take on the responsibility to it we save as many lives as we can. We will assist you in taking primary organ offer call coverage (screening), and tissue transport and team fly-outs. Thanks to our relationship with these transportation providers, our clients benefit from efficient and cost-effective air and ground transportation services.

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