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Important Factors

Flexible Contracts

We will gladly tailor our coordinators Services around your needs you.


Security Is Key

Utilizing the latest encrypted secure technologies so your program’s data is safe.



We allocate specific to your team to work directly with you.


About Us

If you think your center is struggling, we’re here to help

Our team of coordinators have vast knowledge of transplant, and most with well over 3 years in the field either as OPO or transplant center experience.We are not just a “call center”, we take pride in being an integral part of YOUR team.
We take pride in making sure we stay on the forefront of the latest technology and policies For ensuring your center’s data, and patient’s data is safe, sound, and compliant. Our Emails provider, and web site are both encrypted and our staff careful.
Our entire staff has well seasoned transplant industry know how So we are always on the ready to make sure we do not miss your Offers, we stay in constant contact with you, and are there when you Need something at a moment's notice.

Teamwork Is Our Thing

Let our expertise go to work for you and your patients

Benefits of Using Transplant Coordinators of America

Our dedicated team of experienced organ transplant coordinators can help alleviate the stresses of DonorNet® call, administrative hassle, and HR nightmares.

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  • Detailed
  • Reliable
  • Competent
  • Prompt
  • Attentive
  • Respectful

We take professionalism very seriously and make it a benchmark of our company’s standards & practices. Our transplant coordinator staff is trained and expected to keep the utmost care with our clients needs, their organ offers & patients, making sure to take detailed notes, be timely with offers, attentive and respectful with surgeons and OPO staff. All the while ensuring your transplant program runs at peak performance.

“The physicians have commented on how professional all of your coordinators are. Thank you for a great partnership!”

Tamra Magee MSN, RN -
Transplant Administrator
Keck Medical Center of USC

Happier Transplant Staff

  • Better/Longer Staff retention (less burnout)
  • Improved workplace disposition
  • Less Mistakes
  • Better work environment
  • More Transplants

Our proprietary system of working directly with transplant centers around the entire United States to provide expert level organ screening services has a proven record of improved program performance thus increasing the number of successful transplants for our clients. By allowing our team to take your DonorNet® call vs your coordinators or surgeons makes for a much more streamlined process and most importantly a well rested team.

We give a huge THANK YOU to all the selfless nurses, coordinators, surgeons and “ists”, that do this for the love of their job and to make a difference in the world trying saving lives, and at TCOA we can help make God’s work a lot less stressful and more enjoyable.

Reduced Burnout

  • Keep more good coordinators
  • Less training & orientation of new hires
  • Better workday performance
  • Improved patient care
  • Improved efficiency

The number one reason transplant centers contact us is because of nurse coordinator burnout. There are two issues with coordinators taking organ offer call- 1.) They have to come to work after being up all night working cases which is not conducive to productivity or content disposition / work environment 2.) It’s unsafe on many levels; for both the coordinator and the center due to mistakes at work from sleep deprivation. Be it data entry or patient care.

Even if the coordinators want to take call because they get extra compensation for it, is it in the best interest of the transplant center and more importantly in the best interest of the patient recipient?

Increased Profitability

  • Less FTE staff is needed
  • Less resources required
  • Reduced administrative waste
  • Improved QAPI / CMS data records
  • Increased number of transplants

We become an extension of your center, part of the team if you will, as if we are right there so we will know your transplant center’s methodologies. As such- having us bring our expertise to the fabric of your programs’ efforts will result in a smoother and less wasteful department thus increasing the profitability of your center. Reduced cost + more efficiency = more profits.