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Transportation For Organs for Transplant

Coordinating the transport of organs for transplant is a very delicate process that takes a lot of time, focus, and what seems like a thousand phone calls and/or emails and not just anyone can do it. Most transplant centers leave this responsibility to their local OPO, and while that may be most convenient and familiar it isn’t the most cost effective.

At Transplant Coordinators of America our experience at the OPO level gives us a unique understanding of all that is involved and necessary to efficiently coordinate the transportation of both surgical procurement teams as well as organs from procurement site to the recipient OR.

The cost constraints that all hospitals and transplant administrators are under are forcing most transplant centers to look for more ways to save money wherever they can, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to let our experience work for you. Our records indicate that utilizing our service of transportation coordination vs that of the OPO is almost half the cost of what you’re likely getting billed now.

Transplant Coordinators of America has an enormous air and ground transportation network of vendors nationwide. We will assist with anything from surgical team fly-outs, organ and tissue transport. Due to our volume of business and respected partnerships with these medical transportation providers, our clients' benefit from very quick turn around and highly cost-effective air and ground transportation services as compared to an OPO or a self managed system. Our planes and couriers can be put on standby at a moment’s notice, enabling us to move rapidly and thus resulting in minimal cold ischemic time.

Understanding proper timelines and leveraging our air transport provider relationships is key to making sure your center reduces its budget costs while at the same time improving communication and process efficiency.