Leaders in Organ Offer Management


Betty C Crandall

Transplant Coordinators of America have been providing call coverage for our pancreas and KP program since August of 2012. Prior to my arrival as the transplant administrator, my coordinators had completed a review of companies providing call coverage and had recommended TCOA. After my arrival, the surgical director and I did an extensive review of all those who could provide such coverage. We determined that TCOA would best meet our needs clinically and financially. It has been a very smooth transition. My coordinator staff and the surgeons are very pleased. It has greatly contributed to improved job satisfaction among the coordinators. The surgeons state that they have the information they need at the time of an organ offer to make a decision. They greatly appreciate not being awakened for offers that clearly fall outside the parameters of organs we would accept.

- Betty C Crandall, MS, RN
Administrative Director Transplant Services - Wake Forest Baptist Health
Donna B. George

Transplant Coordinators of America (TCOA) under the leadership of Steve Pitzer has truly demonstrated dedication, compassion and commitment to achieving optimal results in the screening and placement of potential organ donors. TCOA has created a strong collaboration with the transplant centers by paving the way from organ donation to organ transplantation. This has resulted in many lives saved through the gift of organ donation and transplantation.

- Donna B. George (Retired)
Administrator & Nursing Director – VCU
Dr. Robert Fisher

TCOA proved to be the most efficient, ethical, and responsible answer to our organ program.The level of service has been so superior to our previous system that it has allowed us to re-focus our efforts back on our transplant program and less on business, and over-site

- Dr. Robert Fisher
Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics Harvard Beth Isreal
Dr. Timothy Schmidt

TCOA is very helpful in covering donor call, screening donor calls, and arranging transportation to get an organ or do a fly out. They are all very experienced in this field and perform excellent service. I can not say enough about their professionalism and service. I would recommend their service to any transplant center.

- Dr. Timothy Schmidt
University of Kansas
 Dr. Marc Posner, M.D.

I don't know how transplant centers do it without you guys.

- Dr. Marc Posner, M.D.
Director of Transplant, Chairman, and Professor
Dr. Adrian H. Cottrell

TCOA provides an invaluable service to our transplant center. Their experienced staff customized DonorNet® call coverage and transportation expertise has decreased the work load of our surgeons and increased the number of potential successful transplants. On a personal level, I feel that their service has helped me to better serve my patients.

- Dr. Adrian H. Cottrell

I have used this service at my previous transplant center (Director Transplant – UVA). They work closely with our team to identify donor screening criteria that works for the center and communicate effectively about offers and hand off to the center coordinators. They are very responsive to any questions and concerns from the docs and center staff and problem solve effectively.

- Angie Korsun
Transplant Program Director

TCOA: highly organized, reliable, responsive, indefatigable, professional; I've been performing heart & lung transplantation for 25 years at our institution where we have experienced a linear growth in volume allowing UT Southwestern to be a Top-10 transplant volume center, in no small part directly dilute to the quality of coordination we receive from TCOA. Their participation has allowed us to perform multiple, simultaneous, back-to-back and combined organ transplants.

- M.A.Wait M.D.
Dept. CVTS UTSW Med. Center

"I always sleep better at night knowing that TCOA is our partner".

TCOA offers professional, reliable and unfaltering service for donor organ management that has drastically improved our lung transplant program for the better. The staff is friendly, professional, knowledgeable and always available. Having TCOA as a partner eases the burden on the our coordinators, contributes to collegial environment at work, and decreases the stress of patient care.

- A. Sasha Krupnick MD
Associate Professor of Surgery
Surgical Director of Lung Transplantation University of Virginia

I came on at VCU a couple of years ago and it's been amazing. The cardiac surgeons love you guys and the integration with the VA hospital was seamless, and they couldn't be happier. (Said to TCOA Rep at 2014 UNOS Forum in Baltimore, MD)

- Laura Kreisa, MS FNP-BC CPHQ
Program Manager Heart Failure Clinic VCU

The physicians have commented on how professional all of your coordinators are. Thank you for a great partnership!

- Tamra Magee MSN, RN
Transplant Administrator Keck Medical Center of USC

It's pleasure to work with highly professional team of coordinators . They provide accurate information about donors and take care of everything and make surgeons life easy.

- Dr Chandra Bhati - Surgeon
VAMC Transplant

TCOA has been an invaluable partner for us. As a busy kidney transplant program it has been crucial to have high quality coordinators to expedite quick placement of the scarcely transplant organs. TCOA has fulfilled this role perfectly.

- Dr Gaurav Gupta
Nephrologist VAMC